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Tips and Tweets: Twitter Marketing Experts Every Small Business Should Follow

Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon
Tips and Tweets: Twitter Marketing Experts Every Small Business Should Follow

A common misconception among people is that unique products equate to greater sales. But in reality, a revolutionary product is nothing compared to a well-marketed product.

Why? Because a good marketer can cultivate gems out of the simplest items. For this reason,

Many businesses invest millions in marketing without batting an eyelash but a good strategy really doesn't have to cost that much. In fact, there is a treasure trove of free resources right under your nose—Twitter.

Marketing experts frequent Twitter for all types of reasons. Some are analysing trends, some are helping businesses build their brand, and some share expert knowledge for free.

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Follow these Twitter accounts!

Alex Garcia

Username: @alexgarcia_atx

Hit Tweet: 50 Marketing Threads That Will Teach You More Than Any Marketing Class

Alex Garcia's Twitter page.

If marketing threads are your thing, Alex Garcia is a must-follow. With over 50 threads on how to market your business effectively, Alex earned the trust of over 150k followers in just a few years—and it's easy to see why.

Apart from mainstream marketing tips, Alex also tweets ideas on how to understand your target audience. Alex offers words of wisdom on increasing the aesthetic appeal of promo and converting web traffic into paying customers—no more ghost visitors!

Even better, he shares snippets of his own progress and achievements, along with motivational quotes to help you keep going!

Chase Dimond

Username: @ecomchasedimond

Hit Tweet: How to make 30% more revenue without dropping a single penny on paid ads...

Chase Dimond's Twitter page.

Let's cut right to the chase, with Chase Dimond.

Chase is a great addition to your feed if you want straightforward marketing tips. He specialises in email marketing and copywriting so is especially worth the follow if thats an area you're struggling with.

Chase produces plenty of learning resources for his followers like newsletters, webinars, and articles. Oh! And Chase packages his tips into one neat Tweet—so you won't even need to open a thread!


Username: @wizofecom

Hit Tweet: Making your first dollar to scaling to $10k/mo+

Wiz's Twitter page.

Wiz is dedicated to helping you build the foundations of your success. Followed by tons of startup businesses, they've helped thousands of people build profitable businesses from nothing.

Wiz has earned a reputation as one of the best accounts to follow for business newbies who don't know where to start. They offer tons of advice alongside motivational tweets—they've even shared their own blueprint for building a Twitter brand for free!

Katelyn Bourgoin

Username: @KateBour

Hit Tweet: 12 pricing psychology tips to help you sell more stuff

Katelyn Bourgoin's Twitter page.

Want to know the secret to irresistible marketing? Katelyn Bourgoin, aka "The Customer Whisperer", can help!

Katelyn Bourgoin is an expert in buyer psychology. Her account is all about sharing different reasons why people buy, and how businesses can use this information to improve their marketing strategy. Everything Katelyn shares is rooted in her own experience, so you'll never feel like you're stepping on unknown territory when trying out her tips.

Knowledge of buyer psychology is a strong asset, and Katelyn tweets about it daily—just imagine the bank of advice you could gather by following her for a month!

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