Somewhere in The Tropics With Tamara Tott

Megan Hill
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A selfie of Tamara Tott wearing a glam makeup look and leopard print shirt
Tamara Tott—makeup artist and hairstylist

Tamara Tott is a professional editorial makeup artist and hairstylist based in West London. Flawlessly finished skin and futuristic colour-pop eye looks distinguish Tamara Tott's signature makeup portfolio. Tamara has acted as editorial makeup artist for Maria Claire, Vogue Italia and Burberry.

What shaped your appreciation for makeup?

15 years ago when I was a dancer in Ibiza, which meant I got 'made-up' every night—I mean full hair and makeup! The looks changed every night to suit the theme of the party—from Galactic Goddess makeup to Drag Diva dress-up—I did it all!

One night I had my whole face covered in gems and I loved it so much. I have been fascinated by the transformative power and endless possibilities of makeup ever since.

Advice for makeup artists suffering from creative burnout?

For me, it is always the sea. If I am tired or exhausted, I must visit the seaside. Preferably with sandy beaches and clear water—this is what recharges me.

Sometimes stepping away from social media to clear your head is necessary too.

How would you describe your makeup style?

Timeless Feminine Beauty.

I like to find and embrace the femininity in all of my models and clients.

There is a feminine side in all of us, even if you think you are a complete tomboy.

A collection of Tamara's previous work

We asked Tamara to share her 'bucket list concept'—the creative vision that she hopes to one day bring to life...

Take me somewhere tropical

I am obsessed with white sands, turquoise-blue waters and palm trees—outdoor editorials in tropical beach locations are always my most anticipated!

Growing up I always thought I would end up living in a hot country, and I did for a while. I lived in Turkey for 5 years and then in Ibiza for 7, so I am missing the beauty of tropical nature around me. I dream of going to the Maldives—I would love to shoot a campaign there!

Adut Akech would be a perfect model for the shoot—with clean makeup and edgy hair. In terms of styling, I love big airy dresses, frills, oversized feminine garments and severe colour contrasts—anything along those lines would hit the spot!

I'm currently excited by the work of British photographer Carla Guler—I'd ask her to shoot my vision. Her work is so spot on—clean lines and great colour choices. I'd be delighted to work with her again.

Ahhh, I can’t wait to book this job!

Visualist's interpretation of 'Take me somewhere tropical'

Browse Tamara's beautiful body of work on her Instagram or website.

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Somewhere in The Tropics With Tamara Tott

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Words by 

Megan Hill

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July 13, 2022

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