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Listen, Learn, Earn: Best Financial Podcasts for Interior Designers

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Are you an interior designer looking for financial management advice? Listen to these podcasts.

Words by 

Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon

Published on 

February 16, 2023

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As an interior designer, creating comes naturally to you. Finances—maybe not so much! But being an interior design entrepreneur means being smart about money. Thankfully, there are plenty of industry professionals willing to give out solid advice to small business owners just like you.

Running your own business, you're likely always on the go—so we've found a way to incorporate financial education into your busy schedule: podcasts. You just have to sit back, plug in your earphones, and hit play!

Tune in to the best financial podcasts for interior design entrepreneurs—volume up!

The Interior Collective

Hosted by: IDCO Studio

Recommended for: the new entrepreneur

When it comes to advice, you're in safe hands with The Interior Collective. This podcast provides actionable tips from highly-skilled professionals and will help you grow your interior design business FAST.

Standout episode: Financial Planning for Interior Designers with Brittney Vier. A power hour covering all the basics of money management for interior designers including managing payroll and taxes.

The Profit is a Choice Podcast

Hosted by: Michele Williams

Recommended for: the profit chaser

For money-making tips, The Profit is a Choice Podcast sets the standard. Michele Williams is a qualified strategic finance coach, dedicated to sharing her knowledge with interior designers. Michele explores all sorts of topics that will benefit your business such as industry challenges, finance, marketing, systems and strategies.

Standout episode: Reviewing your Profit First Strategy. Have you created a Profit First strategy and implemented it – then left it alone? Let's change that!

The Interior Design Business Podcast

Hosted by: Wingnut Social

Recommended for: the strategic designer

Dedicated to making the lives of interior designers better, The Interior Design Business Podcast is laser-focused on discussing efficient marketing strategies and exploring the latest technologies in the interior industry. Founded by Darla Powell, an interior designer herself, you can rest assured that everything you hear on this podcast is made for your success.

Standout episode: How to Ask Your Interior Design Clients for Their Budget. Been struggling with client budgeting? Not anymore.

The Affluent Creative

Hosted by: Melissa Galt

Recommended for: the super planner

As a business owner, every decision you make comes at a cost—from hiring to the design proper. The Affluent Creative explores sustainable ways to build your interior design business and avoid loss. With over 3 decades of interior design history, Melissa Galt is here to help you earn more —in less time and with less stress. Topics covered include hiring locally, securing clients, and increasing profit margins.

Standout episode: Never Worry About Money Again When You Learn to Fuel the Soul of Your Business. This a well-needed reminder of how much you and your brand are worth!

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