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The Secret to Being a Great Wedding Planner

Lyden Claire Killip
The Secret to Being a Great Wedding Planner

As a wedding planner, there is no better site than a happy couple at the end of their big day.

In order to deliver the wedding of dreams for your clients, you need to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes—likely easier said than done!

And so we asked experienced wedding planners in our community to share their best advice for aspiring wedding professionals. These pros have been at the top of the wedding industry for a number of years and have plenty of words of wisdom as a result—pens at the ready, you'll want to make notes!

Natalie Ryan

"Don't copy. In the early days of setting up as a planner, it is easy to look to other planners for inspiration but keep them as just that, inspiration—you will mould your niche yourself."

We all suffer from a lack of inspiration at times but Natalie Ryan advises against resorting to copying and pasting fellow wedding planners' ideas. Remember, as a wedding stylist, your individuality is your greatest asset.

Natalie Ryan Luna of Rose Events And Weddings
Natalie Ryan—CEO of Luna Rose Events And Weddings

Natalie Ryan is the CEO of Luna Rose Events And Weddings. Read our full interview with Natalie Ryan here.

Afiya Bayiyi

"It is okay to say no. I have learned the importance of turning down certain jobs and opportunities throughout my career."

We get it, you want to stay booked and busy. But Afia Bayiyi is the first to advise setting boundaries and saying no to certain projects.

Sometimes that is because you notice red flags in your client's behaviour, sometimes it is simply to protect yourself from burnout. Whatever the reason, knowing when to say no is important to avoid working on a project you'll end up regretting.

Afia Bayiyi of Afmena Events
Afia Bayiyi—founder of Afmena Events

Afia Bayiyi is the founder of Afmena Events. Read our full interview with Afia Bayiyi.

Sommy Echezoma

"Just do your best. Let the planning plan itself on the day."

You've coordinated the best suppliers, accounted for every detail, decorated beautifully and made a foolproof schedule. Now, you have to sit back and let the day play out itself.

Sommy Echezoma knows from experience that if you have done the work, everything will work out on the day. So take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and enjoy the special day ahead.

Sommy Echezona of M.Fiore Events
Sommy Echezona—founder and director of M.Fiore Events

Sommy Echezona is a wedding planner and founder of M.Fiore Events. Read our full interview with Sommy Exchezona.

Camilla Boniek

“Plan it, design it but above all feel it.”

At the end of the day, a couple and their guests will remember how their wedding made them feel. Which means you need to feel it too.

Pay attention to the kind of experience you are creating for your couple and the vibe the day as a whole is giving off—this is what really matters to your clients above all else.

Camilla Boniek of Camilla Boniek Events
Camilla Boniek—owner of Camilla Boniek Events

Camilla Boniek is the owner of Camilla Boniek Events. Read our full interview with Camilla Boniek.

Chris Adnitt

"Be picky when it comes to your suppliers—I'm extremely picky about the key suppliers I recommend."

Your client deserves the best, it is your job to find it for them.

Before working with wedding suppliers, Chris Adnitt advises conducting rigorous interviews, taste testing or other relevant forms of assessment. You are only as good as the team you surround yourself with, so choose them wisely to ensure you can trust everyone to deliver exceptional experience for your couple.

Chris Adnitt of The Wedding Arranger
Chris Adnitt—founder of The Wedding Arrangers

Chris Adnitt is the owner of Wedding Arrangers. Read our full interview with Chris Adnitt.

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