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Explore the Creative Careers of the Future

Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon
Explore the Creative Careers of the Future

We may not yet have flying cars, but our technology is becoming more advanced every day! Technology has a huge impact on the creative industries, streamlining processes and driving innovation.

But rather than replace creatives, new technology opens up further opportunities for creatives to diversify and excel in their careers.

Whether you're a stylist curious about the Metaverse, or a designer with a penchant for sustainability, there are new opportunities in the creative industries coming your way—most of which you likely have never heard of!

Ready to step into the future?

CGI Artist

A computer-generated imagery (CGI) artist creates still and moving images using computer software.

There are a lot of talented artists out there but sometimes a client's vision can be impossible to physically achieve by hand due to high costs, practical limitations or limited resources. This is where a CGI artist comes into play!

CGI art by Eliseo Zubiri
CGI art by Eliseo H. Zubiri.

Digital artists create digital versions of objects, characters, places, and special effects. Whether it's still images or moving objects, these artists can manipulate how it looks and moves with AI tools to achieve a perfect yet whimsical digital replica.

Depending on your skill set, you can niche down further into animation or FX simulation for example. Best of all, there's a place for you in almost all industries—entertainment, marketing, medicine, you name it!

Sustainable Design Consultant

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, the demand for sustainable design consultants is expected to rise rapidly over the next years.

Sustainable design consultancy can apply to both architects and fashion designers who are experts in environmental sustainability. They look into their client's design plans and give expert advice on how to make these structures more eco-friendly, suggest modifications to existing designs, and help businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

If you're already an advocate for the environment and a designer, then this is an amazing opportunity that you shouldn't miss!

Immersive Set Designer

If you're one for getting whisked away into fantastical worlds through theatre, film or literature then set designing will make you fall deeply in love!

Immersive set design takes traditional set design to new heights, creating spaces that are, you guessed it, fully immersive by incorporating sensory elements like light, smell and sound.

Set designers are in charge of conceptualising and often installing a set on behalf of a big brand. Together with their team, they direct the project from outlining the story, to sourcing the furniture, to amplifying the mood with a lighting set-up.

GUCCI set design by Emma Roach
GUCCI set design by Emma Roach.

Set designers have great creative visions (just like you!) and know exactly how to get there! Even better, set designers can go freelance or full-time depending on their skills and network!

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