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A Collection of Interior Design Collectives

Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon
A Collection of Interior Design Collectives

After years spent as a lone wolf in the interior design industry, it's normal to find yourself stuck in a rut. Interior design is a rewarding but sometimes isolating industry, especially if you're a solopreneur!

But we know how much community can affect our creativity and so it is important to stay connected to your fellow creatives, near or far.

The perfect solution for busy interior designers? Digital collectives.

An interior design collective is an online community for professionals in the interior design space. Digital interior design collectives act as a space to learn, expand your network, and build visibility in the industry—most importantly, you'll never feel like you're alone in your journey again.

Want to take reinvigorate your creativity and take your interior design game to the next level? Join an interior design digital collective to enjoy endless opportunities and a support network like no other!

Stylist and Designer Club

Suitable for: Social Designers

Cost: Free

Stylist & Designer Club logo
Learn, grow and connect in the Stylist & Designer Club, hosted by Visualist.

The Stylist & Designer club is a fast-growing digital community for creatives working across interior design, personal styling and event & wedding styling. These cross-industry interactions will bring a fresh perspective to your design work and hey, you might even pick up a new creative client!

Be sure to check out the special room dedicated to interior design professionals for all things interiors—think: essential reading material, exclusive events and tailored PR opportunities.

And if that wasn't enough, check into the club every week for an AMA session with an industry expert to help supercharge your interior design business, topics covered include personal branding, accounting, copywriting and more. See all upcoming events here.

Ready to join? Claim your invite! If you feel more at home on Facebook, you can join the party there too!

Interior Design Community

Suitable for: Studious Designers

Cost: $5 per month

Find educational resources and buckets of support with the Interior Design Community.

The Interior Design Community is a digital collective committed to helping interior designers optimise their careers. It was founded on the belief that "although one person might not have all the answers, together we would."

Active on Instagram (search #IDCDesigners), Facebook and now as a standalone collective, there is no excuse not to get involved!

Find your community (and an audience—IDC members participate in a follow-for-follow programme!) by subscribing to the Interior Design Community now for just a small monthly donation.

Design Leadership Network

Suitable for: Interior Mavens

Cost: $1000-$2000 per year

Become a leader. Join the Design Leadership Network.

The Design Leadership Network is a community of innovative, thoughtful creatives working in the high-end interior design industry.

As a member, expect invites to exclusive networking events, VIP excursions, educational workshops and the annual Design Leadership Summit where the greatest minds gather to discuss successful business frameworks, management styles, strategic relationships, and so on.

Ready to learn and grow amongst an advanced community of seasoned designers and industry leaders? Membership requires you to fill out a thorough application and submit at least two letters of recommendation from active DLN members—good luck!

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