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The Questions Expert Wedding Planners Ask Their Clients

Lyden Claire Killip
The Questions Expert Wedding Planners Ask Their Clients

An initial client consultation is the key to getting to know your wedding clients and finding out whether you are the right wedding planner to deliver their dream wedding.

In order to plan the perfect big day, you need to get to know your couple as people, immerse yourself in their love story and find out what truly matters to them as a couple. Finding the perfect location to sourcing their dream entertainment—it all starts with asking the right questions.

To find out what those all-telling questions are, we asked expert wedding planners to share the first question they ask new couples in order to assess compatibility and start unravelling how to craft their dream wedding.

Listen to the advice of wedding industry experts and tick off these questions in your initial client consultation before saying "I do" to a new couple!

Becca Parsons

"How do you want your wedding to feel?"

Yes, everybody wants a beautiful wedding! But at the end of the day, your clients will remember how they felt on their special day above all else.

Becca has found opening with this line sets the tone for your partnership and sets a clear vision for the wedding right from the outset.

Becca Parsons of Evermore Weddings
Becca Parsons—founder of Evermore Weddings

Becca Parsons is the owner of Evermore Weddings. Read our full interview with Becca Parsons.

Natalie Ryan

"What is your favourite place to eat as a couple?"

Natalie believes in getting to know her clients inside out, their favourite movies, the hobbies they enjoy doing together, and of course, their favourite place to eat!

Not only will you have a better understanding of what your couple value and enjoy, but you might also even find some great ideas for catering or entertainment on the big day—2 in 1!

Natalie Ryan Luna of Rose Events And Weddings
Natalie Ryan—CEO and wedding planner for Luna Rose Events And Weddings

Natalie Ryan is the CEO of Luna Rose Events And Weddings. Read our full interview with Natalie Ryan.

Rachel Overall

"What three words would you like your guests to use to describe your wedding?"

In all the excitement of planning a wedding, we can neglect a very important element of the day—the guests!

Starting at the finish line and deciphering how your couple wants their wedding to be remembered by their guests is a great way to get to the bottom of their true desires.

Rachel Overal of Mirabella Weddings
Rachel Overall—founder of Mirabella Weddings.

Rachel Overall is the owner of Mirabella Weddings. Read our full interview with Rachel Overall.

Zayna Ben

"What style of clothes do you usually wear?"

What someone wears says a lot about their personality, their stylistic preferences and the kind of atmosphere they'll be looking to create at their wedding.

Zayna likes to assess whether her couple is more dress-down jeans or all-out glam!

Zayna Ben headshot
Zayna Ben—founder of ZAZ Events.

Zayna Ben is the founder of ZAZ Events. Read our full interview with Zayna Ben.

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