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How to Choose the Best Project Management System for Your Business

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Our pick of the top 5 best project management tools available to small creative businesses.

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Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon

Published on 

March 23, 2023

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Are pending tasks, meetings, and other commitments eating up your precious free time? Time to declutter your schedule with a versatile project management tool. Managing creativity might sound like an oxymoron, but creative businesses need organised systems in place to thrive. With a project management system, you can track progress, set deadlines, mark pending projects, and collaborate with your team in real time all in one place—no more long email threads and delayed responses.

Project management softwares also come with metrics and tools that provide valuable data for your business. That includes team performance analysis, task completion, and so on. On top of that, it improves task transparency to keep the team well-informed of upcoming, ongoing, and completed projects.

Ready to get organised? Check out the 5 best project management tools available for your creative business in 2023!


Made for: the collaborative creative

Project management with a personal touch. Hubs in Visualist act as an all-in-one space for everything you and your client need to run your project without a hitch. Bookmark your most frequently used pages, from budgeting spreadsheets to content calendars, create boards to organise projects from ideation to completion and bring clients on board to work collaboratively.


Made for: the juggler

ClickUp is a control room for creative businesses. It includes every tool you need to plan, organise, and collaborate on projects. An easy-to-navigate interface and logical hierarchy make ClickUp the perfect tool for creative teams juggling many projects at once.


Made for: the creative manager

Project management made simple. Flow integrates with your existing favourite organisational tools to ensure simple onboarding and ongoing convenience. Flow's start feature is its flexible resource management tool. With just a few clicks, managers can identify members of their team that are overloaded with tasks or on track to miss a deadline and can swiftly step in to help.


Made for: the team player

Work with your team while enjoying your own private space! MeisterTask is all about working better, for the better. Made for solopreneurs and teams, it features diverse project management tools to keep your creative workflow efficient and neat. Think time-tracking, data-driven reports, and Gantt-style timelines! MeisterTask is built on the Kanban framework—stimulating full transparency of work and consistent communication, making it the ideal tool for teams to lessen confusion and encourage productivity


Made for: the post-it note enthusiast

If your office is decorated with post-it notes on every surface—then Walling might be the project management tool for you! As the name suggests, Walling allows you to visualise and manage your entire to-do list by sticking it all up on a digital wall. Divide your wall into logical sections, make easy edits to your content, and invite fellow creatives to contribute and collaborate on your wall.

Visualist is a software empowering creative professionals to work, earn and scale their businesses. Learn more here.

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