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How an Architect Uses Visualist

Megan Hill
How an Architect Uses Visualist
Nora Hin-Tung—architect

Nora Hin Tung is a full-time architect and part-time Instagram curator, her playful feed is a reflection of all that Nora finds beautiful in her daily life.

Nora uses moodboards to present her concepts to clients but found that too often moodboarding was becoming a chore rather than a joy—until she found Visualist's set.new...

Introduce yourself...

Hi! I'm Nora. I'm an architect working between Paris and Reunion Island.

My job allows me to practice my passion: accompanying people in new stages of their professional or personal life. It's a job rich in emotions, very demanding but really exciting.

How do you use moodboards?

Architecture is a visual job. It is important to use moodboards at the beginning of each project, to quickly invite a client into my world and demonstrate the direction I want to take.

Moodboards let creativity run wild and they are a rather poetic and efficient way to understand a person's taste—moodboards don't speak to the brain, they speak to the heart.

"An architect's eye knows how to find poetry in everything."

I am also fond of making moodboards for myself. I gather inspiration and ideas from the beauty in my daily life—an architect's eye knows how to find poetry in everything.

Moodboards don't have to be perfect—agree or disagree?

A moodboard doesn't have to be perfect but it is about perfection. It is about creating emotions—sensations even.

Finding the perfect images, the perfect colour palette, the perfect balance between forms, fulls and voids... It's a more complex exercise than it seems! But it is a thankless job—a customer decides whether they like the board or not in 3 seconds.

"A moodboard doesn't have to be perfect but it is about perfection."

As a creative, it's very hard to say, "Ok, I'm done!" It used to take me hours to complete moodboards but thanks to set.new I am saving a lot of time.

Nora Hin-Tung makes a moodboard in Visualist's set.new.

Favourite set.new feature?

I'm particularly fond of the background remover, a real time saver!

I used Visualist's set.new for the first time on my phone. I was shocked by the ease of use and the efficiency of the tool. It's playful, yet really powerful. I could never have imagined making a moodboard from my mobile, let alone in just 5 minutes. Visualist makes my life so much easier!

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