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AI x Interior Designers: A Perfect Partnership?

Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon
AI x Interior Designers: A Perfect Partnership?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly, well, intelligent. But more importantly, creative.

There are murmurings amongst the interior design community that AI could threaten the roles of interior designers. But rather than considering the likelihood of AI replacing interior designers (we think it unlikely), it is more productive to consider how interior designers might embrace AI to better their craft.

By thinking of AI as a creative springboard or a skilled and diligent assistant, you'll open the door to new opportunities for your interior design business.

Forget the mundane and focus on what you do best—designing! Explore three ways AI will impact the interior design industry and how you can make the most out of it.

Illustrate your ideas

You have a vision—but communicating that to a client can be tricky if you're not a skilled artist or equipped with the right technology.

Thankfully, advancements in AI technology mean that technology is becoming more widely available to interior designers!

Want to illustrate what an interior concept will look like in reality? Open up a generative AI like Homestyler, type in your description (the more detailed the better)  tweak it a bit, and boom! A hyperdetailed render of your vision, ready in minutes.

If you're feeling adventurous you could even explore MidJourney. Plug descriptive prompts of the room you're trying to create into MidJourney and watch as your words are translated into images.

Incorporating AI into your process will make it easier for clients to visualise your suggestions, thus trusting in the direction more readily and making faster decisions between options. To see is to believe!

3D room render created with Homestyler
A 3D room render created with Homestyler.

What's coming next? VR. Imagine being able to give your client a preview of their finished project with a VR tour!

Automate the mundane

As an independent interior designer, you're living a double life: entrepreneur and creative. To ease the strain, enlist the help of an administrative expert: AI.

An efficient project management software with smart automations will revolutionise the way you run your business and open new opportunities for growth. With clear parameters and sufficient data, your AI assistant can organise tasks and calendars, reply to inquiries, manage appointments, generate floor plans, and track payments automatically.

With day-to-day admin tasks no longer bogging you down, you'll have more time to dedicate to design ideation, installation and customer communication.

AI can also play a role in content creation, key to the success of your interior design business but a time-consuming task. Looking to write blog posts to boost your website SEO? Generate topics (and even some copy) on Chat GPT. Bonus: run your copy through Grammarly to avoid grammatical/spelling mistakes and always look professional.

When given guidance and used intentionally, AI can play a crucial role in scaling your business.

Challenge yourself and innovate

Creativity thrives when we are challenged and exposed to fresh perspectives.

Through the lens of AI, interior designers can find a fresh approach to their craft and open the door to innovation. Take This House Does Not Exist, for example; the designs may be outlandish, impractical or entirely impossible, but they are also innovative. Perhaps the role of an interior designer is to take inspiration from AI's wildcard designs and mould them into a realistic application for the real world—a collaborative partnership.

French country bedroom design
A French Country inspired bedroom designed by Interior.AI.

Interior.AI and Dall-e can also be used to throw up new ideas when provided with prompts by professional interior designers. Interior. AI creates full-room renders, meaning interior designers may be presented with new ways of incorporating decoration, utilising space, or mixing materials.

AI cannot match our creativity, but it can enhance it.

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