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Post-Publishing Checklist for Interior Designers

Lyden Claire Killip
Post-Publishing Checklist for Interior Designers

Congratulations! You've had your designs featured in the glossy pages of an interior magazine, or been recognised for your expertise and quoted in a feature article! But now what?

We get it, you want to "ride the wave" and move straight on to your next round of pitching. But hold on just a second! There is an overwhelming amount of advice on getting published as an interior designer, but very little on what interior designers should do after being published.

Taking the right steps post-publishing leaves you with a golden opportunity to reach new clients, easily create content for your socials and secure a long-lasting relationship with the publication that featured you—ensuring more PR opportunities are sure to come your way.

Interior designers, are you ready to learn how to make the most out of your next PR success? Read on...

Maintain a relationship with the editor

Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn—there is an abundance of social platforms to help you maintain professional relationships, so no excuses!

Follow the journalist/editor who commissioned you and you'll be first to see future opportunities they advertise. Not to mention, they'll be kept up to date with any exciting new projects you post and may even initiate contact with you because of them.

Maintaining professional relationships does require time and effort but sometimes even leaving a like or comment here and there will keep you firmly on their radar. Tip: read Tim Maddon's advice on sustaining authentic but valuable professional relationships

Also, it's nice to show support right? Everyone appreciates a little boost in social engagement here and there!

Repurpose the content for your socials

Getting published is a great achievement—you deserve to show it off!

Share your published work on all your social media platforms—again and again! This way, prospective clients will see that you are an established interior designer, well-regarded in your field. Remember to tag both the publication and the journalist in all promotions—reshares are great for reach!

When posting images to your Instagram feed, use captions wisely—you could use an excerpt from the interview or share an explanation of your process. Also, use your Instagram stories to share direct links to the article—don't be afraid to share again and again! You should link to the published article in your Instagram bio too!

Justina Blakeney cover with Architectural Digest
Iconic interior designer, Justina Blakeney, shares her cover with Architectural Digest on her Instagram

Another less obvious way to repurpose the content is to share what you learnt from the experience. Audiences love hearing advice from experts, and lots of people are searching for advice on getting published just like you! TikTok is a great platform to share your story and reach a new audience.

PS. If you're not repurposing all your content already, what are you waiting for? The Writer's Perspective has a great guide on how to get started!

Use it in your next PR pitch

Always use your published PR to jump-start another PR opportunity.

Landing your first feature is the hardest part, but you will be surprised at how your now-published work editors' attention. The fact you have worked with other journalists before proves you are experienced, professional and reliable—so make sure all future editors know that from the outset!

That being said, subtly is key. Keep your focus on creating a strong pitch and then throw in a mention of your previously published work.

And lastly, take some time to congratulate yourself on your great achievement in the comfort that your next PR opportunity is right around the corner!