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I'm an Interior Designer, Should I Hire a Professional Photographer?

Lyden Claire Killip
I'm an Interior Designer, Should I Hire a Professional Photographer?

In short, yes—every professional interior designer should hire a professional photographer.

To interior design clients, visuals are everything. So when it comes to showcasing your designs, your iPhone camera is not going to make the cut (sorry, not sorry).

You're proud of your designs, right? So it is time to do them justice with the help of a professional interior photographer.

More so than your average photographer, these niche professionals know how to showcase your individual design style and most importantly, understand what sells to interior design clients.

They're not just here to capture a photograph, they're here to capture you at your very best.

Worried about the investment? High-quality photographs of your interior design work can be used across your website, social media and physical assets—repurposable content that is sure to make a return in customer acquisition.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons you need to hire an interior photographer.

Elevate your brand image

Whether you like it or not, first impressions do matter.

Your website portfolio and social media feed are a client's first port of call—what they see there will determine whether or not they want you to design their home. You can produce the most elegant, intricate designs but no one will bat an eyelid if the photos are just... meh.

Not to mention, high-quality images are often associated with high-quality service. Don't just showcase your work, give your client a taster of the exceptional standards they can expect whilst working with you.

Getting a professional photographer ensures that all your designs' photos encapsulate the vibe and aesthetics it wants to portray.

Side note: professional photography coupled with beautiful design is a tried and tested way to capture the attention of reputable interior design magazines. If you're looking to get published and elevate your brand image to a new level—it is time to give that interior photographer a call.

Interior design portfolio by Frank Frances Studio
An immediate display of high-quality design with high-quality images by Frank Frances Studio.

Save yourself the time

Okay, hiring an interior photographer is a big investment—but what is worth more, your money or your time?

Your own attempts to take the perfect shots of your interior design projects are going to take a lot of time. Time that could be spent liaising with new clients, putting together a new design concept or marketing your brand.

However, professional photographers possess all the right equipment and expertise to get that shot in no time at all. Hire an experienced interior photographer and you likely won't even need to oversee the process.

Your time is precious. But we get it, so are profits. Remember that any money you spend on a professional photographer is an investment in your brand and the future of your career—and you can't put a price on that!

Quality and consistency in Christian Harder's interior design portfolio.

Achieve consistent quality

Nothing irks someone more than low-quality images. And without a professional, that is likely what you'll end up with. Yes, you might get a lucky shot here and there but consistency is key here. It is best to put your camera away and call on the experts.

Your designs tell a story—discuss this with your interior photographer—but a low-quality image will distract a client from that story.

A portfolio with inconsistent style not only loses its magic touch but may also confuse viewers. Worse inconsistent style and quality lead a client to assume some images were grabbed from other designers.

Maintaining consistent quality assures clients that they are dealing with a legitimate interior designer.

You also need to look for a photographer consistent with your niche—interior design. Like the interior industry, photographers tend to excel in one field over the other—don't expect a portrait photographer to produce the same quality shot as a professional interior photographer.