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Say Yes to a Creative Career Switch

Lyden Claire Killip
Say Yes to a Creative Career Switch

It is hard to admit that you're losing interest in a profession that you once adored. But that realisation could leave you with room to pursue other creative passions...

There are many reasons to want a career change but understandably, there are also lots of factors holding you back. Maybe you're excelling in your current career but are no longer feeling fulfilled. Maybe you have always dreamt of turning your childhood passion into a career but feel too inexperienced. Maybe, you know you're capable but pursuing the career of your dreams could compromise your financial stability.

Although the grass is not always greener on the other side, we're advocates for passionate creatives breaking into the industry—and we support your decision to switch up your career!

Still on the fence? Here are 3 reasons that it is time to take the leap...

Your heart and soul will thank you

Nurse turned personal stylist
Nurse turned personal stylist, Fae Jagdon.

We dedicate a large portion of our lives to our careers, so we deserve to do something that makes us happy.

Work that you don't like will take a toll on your mental health—simple. Working in a career that doesn't align with your creative passion also often results in poorer workplace performance.

If you don't feel fulfilled by your current job and know your heart lies elsewhere, then what is stopping you? Likely you feel inexperienced or have an attachment to your current workplace, but don't let that stop you.

Fae Jagdon moved from wards to wardrobes when she left her job as a nurse manager to pursue her passion for personal styling. Saying goodbye to her career in the NHS wasn't easy, but finally allowing herself to follow her heart was worth the challenge.

Read Fae's story here.

You'll relish the challenge

Audio engineer to interior designer
Audio engineer turned interior designer, Julia Murray.

Once you get over the trivial definitions of success (money, fame etc.) you'll realise that success comes from feeling proud from within.

Switching careers after years of stability feels like a gamble—it is. Starting over without the assurance that it will work out is scary, but the challenge is why you need to do it!

We need the challenge to reinvigorate ourselves, and we need the pride that follows in order to be content.

Julia Murray was at first daunted by the challenge when she hung up the headphones at her career in the audio industry and pursued interior design instead. It was easy for her to start comparing herself to others but instead, Julia focused on becoming the best designer for her clients by spending hours studying and practising.

The lesson: instead of using others as the metric of your success, use your own sense of self.

Read Julia's story here.

You'll stand out from the crowd

Nurse turned luxury  florist
Nurse turned luxury florist, Raysa Farah.

Your biggest advantage is your experiences and skills outside of the creative field. That's right, incorporating what you already know into your art will allow you to think outside the box and bring a fresh perspective to the saturated creative industries.

Don't use a lack of experience as an excuse, see it as your star quality!

Raysa Farah had always dreamt of becoming a florist, and when she realised that the organisational and communication skills she developed while working as a nurse could help her get there, she made that dream a reality!

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