What's Visualist?

Your personal creative clearinghouse.

Visualist caters to creatives with serious archival and library needs, and those who like to stay organized. 

You’ve saved, liked, or pinned stuff all over the web. We aggregate these collections in one place, organize them automatically, and make it easy for you to find and rediscover them.

It's also a design and collaboration tool.  That means you transition quickly from “finding” to “doing”. No more manually downloading, copying, pasting pics from one platform (Pinterest) to another (Powerpoint). Visualist enables remote collaboration on creative projects, with real-time sharing, edits, permissions, and version control. Drop pins within a picture to add notes or provide context for colleagues.

Why are we creating Visualist?

Most bookmarking sites and social networks focus on the act of collecting. But a library full of stuff is only as useful as your ability to find what you want in it. Mastering organization and retrieval unlocks the library’s potential. We’re using AI and search to do this. 

What's different about Visualist?

Visualist uses a simple organizational system - it just works. There are no folders or hierarchies. Tags do all the work. AI detects objects, scenes, faces, colours and patterns, and automatically labels the pictures you import to Visualist.

Clip (not move) pics to projects. Unclip pics from projects, without losing them from your library. One pic can be associated with multiple projects at once, without duplication.

“Organizing is like building a case to hold your tools. You don’t get points for making it fancy, you get points for doing the work.” - Seth Godin

A simple system doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. People collect pics because they want to (or hope to) come back to look at them. Visualist’s simple system can do that - by working on the AI tech that goes behind it, like image recognition, colour detection, and visual search. (To be clear, Visualist still allows folders for specific projects)

We search for specific things when we’re in project-mode, but also do a lot of casual browsing and save stuff for a “rainy day”. There is also real FOMO so people tend to over-save: a “just in case” mentality. Forced taxonomy makes collecting a source of frustration.

We're here to radically transform how you manage your visual bookmarks. Join us.

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