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Whether you're browsing or searching, never get lost in your library. Look for things by colour, keywords, dates or whatever comes to mind.

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With our smart search features, you’ll have no trouble finding what what you want. So save what inspires you, and know that you can come back to them.

Colour search

Colour search

Cast the net wide or narrow your scope. Use our slider, choose a colour name or enter a hex code.  The most intuitive way to work with colour.

Related block network

Related blocks

It's not just what you save, but the connections in between. See things differently in Visualist—and spark new ideas.

Advanced search

Advanced search

Get into the weeds without getting lost. Filter your library by combining tags, colours, dates, block types and more.

Plus all of the things you’d expect:

Browser extension
Colour detection
Automatic tags

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