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Interior Designers, Listen Up! TikTok Means Business

Lyden Claire Killip
Interior Designers, Listen Up! TikTok Means Business

To succeed as an independent interior designer, mere artistry is no longer enough—you need to know how to operate as a business.

Thankfully, there is an array of resources to help you make the jump from designer to entrepreneur—TikTok being one of them.

By now, you've likely explored TikTok for tracking interior trends and saving handy design tips, but have you explored its capabilities as a business tutor?

TikTok creators are using the platform to help independent creative businesses grow and scale—their accounts are treasure troves for tips and insights on how to grow your interior design business. Here are a few of our favourites...

Frankie Magazine

Meet the creator

Frankie is an Australian-based creative magazine for the "creative and curious". Their TikTok account shares diverse content inspiring and celebrating artists and their businesses.

Follow @frankiemagazine on TikTok.

What they offer

What is more valuable than a business tip coming from an actual creative small-business owner?

The Frankie Magazine TikTok channel posts interview snippets with small business owners who share their advice for other creatives planning on doing the same.

These short TikTok videos are packed with advice, covering topics such as digital marketing and unique branding. Make sure not to miss any of their advice when planning your next business move!

Sell Anything Online

Meet the creator

Sell Anything Online is run by Anaita—a self-professed author, speaker and marketing nerd. She is also the owner of Hero Packaging, a business dedicated to creating eco-friendly and sustainable packaging products. Anaita started her business from scratch, and this account is a space for her to document her experience and knowledge.

Follow @sellanythingonline on TikTok.

What they offer

Although not an Interior Designer, Anaita offers actionable business tips that any entrepreneur can execute. Her straightforward yet informative discussions focus more on marketing and strategies.

There are many competitors in the interior design market, so standing out needs to be your top priority. Anaita will help you navigate brand marketing and messaging that really resonates with your target audience.

Ariana Tenine

Meet the creator

In the real world, Ariana Tenine is an operations leader/strategist. On TikTok, she's a creator "helping entrepreneurs find clarity in a day with strategic planning and systems." Now with 22,000 followers, she continues to give simple breakdowns on how to strategise your business operations better.

Follow @arianatenine on TikTok.

What they offer

Interior Designers all know the struggle: you love creating, you hate the admin. Here is where Ariana steps in.

Ariana's bite-size videos act as a guide in strategising your operations and building a technique that works for your business. She discusses effective workflows and management software that can assist you and your team.

You can also reach out to her via email or phone call if you have specific questions that require extra attention.

New Interior Designers Course

Meet the creator

Natalie started her TikTok account, New Interior Designers Course, to share updates on her personal and professional life. As her account grew, her followers showed interest in her journey to becoming an interior design entrepreneur—so, she tailored her content to suit their interests.

Follow @newinteriordesigners on TikTok.

What they offer

As her account name suggests, Natalie coaches her followers on how to start their own interior design businesses. Her TikTok platform directs eager students towards her online masterclass.

The best part? Her classes include downloadable resources that her followers can access.

Natalie has fostered a friendly community amongst her followers, making her the perfect mentor for budding interior designer entrepreneurs.

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