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Sylvester Yiu: The Creative's Bucket List

Megan Hill

Sylvester is a fashion stylist, creative director and consultant. Working between London and LA, Sylvester's knack for evocative storytelling has earned him work with clients such as i-D magazine and Louis Vuitton.

Sylvester Yiu—fashion stylist and creative director

In what unusual places do you find inspiration?

I am very inspired by music and theatre. I travel regularly between London and LA and they both have very different music scenes, but that's the beauty of music.

One second I feel like classical and the next I feel like K-pop—representing these ideas in a visual (styling) way is always interesting to me.

You can work with one designer and one of their collections, who are you picking?

Marc Jacobs, hands down. I would love to style his Louis Vuitton SS2008 collection. It is my absolute favourite collection to date. It was the first time I visually saw how 'art' and 'fashion' can truly work together—from the artist's mind to the designer's approach to clothing, colour, silhouettes, etc.

Who is your dream client?

If I could style one person, I’d pick Pennywise.

He’s fascinating because, out of everything he found on earth, he decided to be a clown!

How do you want your work to be remembered?

A stylist with a timeless aesthetic.

Of course, whatever I do in the present is driven by what is currently in fashion but I hope I can look back at my work after a few years (which I actually do) and still think it works!

A snapshot of Sylvester's previous work

We asked Sylvester to share his 'bucket list concept'—the creative vision that he hopes to one day bring to life...


One day I walked past 'Sylvester Street' in London and I thought, 'Wouldn't it be cool to have a full editorial of models being shot at their namesake streets/roads?'

This could take place all over the world! Foreign names, on foreign streets in foreign languages—it would be a long process to cast and organise locations etc. but how cool would that be!?

Dictionary definition of this concept: one that is excessively self-absorbed.

Visualist's interpretation of 'Namesake'

If you happen to live near a street named Pennywise, reach out to Sylvester on Instagram and TikTok, or check out his website.

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