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Ashley Campbell on Practical Design

interior design

Interior designer Ashley Campbell shares the questions on her client intake form.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

September 22, 2022

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Ashley Campbell is a Denver-based interior designer. Her namesake interior design firm specialises in the new construction and renovation of luxury residential interiors.

Ashley has been featured on the DIY Network program Building Belushi, as well as HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation.

Hit the ground running

For Ashley, communicating with clients face-to-face isn't just more enjoyable, its more efficient. "I like to start a project with a tour of the client's home with my team. In this meeting, we get to see their current space, learn about their family, and figure out what works and doesn't work in their space. Then, we hit the ground running and start designing. We prepare moodboards, furniture layouts, and sample collections to share with the client at our next in-person meeting."

Between meetings, Ashley encourages her clients to share images of spaces that excite them—which helps her to build a better image of their tastes and goals for the project. Once the design is finalised, Ashley eagerly awaits delivery and installation!

Functional and beautiful

"When uncovering my client's style, I love to focus on function."

Ashley's job is to create a beautiful space, but she is also mindful that the space has to cater to her client's day to day needs and fit their lifestyle. Ashley knows she has delivered on the design when clients are jumping up and down in design meetings! She really knows she has perfected it when clients are still raving about their spaces years after the project is finished.

Something's gotta give

Ashley finds the hardest part of the design process is coaching clients to accept that, “something's gotta give—especially in today’s world." "Good quality, cheap, fast—you can only have two of the three. For instance, if you pick good quality and cheap, it won’t be fast. If you pick fast and good quality, it won’t be cheap."

Ashley finds that getting to the bottom of her clients' priorities can be tricky. "We try to treat this as an educational and trust-building dialogue. Once we check this box, it’s smooth sailing!"

Client deep dive

A project celebrated for years to come, starts with asking the right questions. We challenged Ashley to gather the project overview from clients who are first-time renovators—if she had just ~5 questions to work with...

  1. Who do you share your space with? How many kids do you have? Do you have regular guests?
  2. What do you love about your space? What are your hobbies?
  3. Where do you spend the most/least time in your home?
  4. When you host, how many people are invited?
  5. Why are you renovating your space? Why did you wait so long to call?

Got a question for Ashley? Learn more about her services on her website or find an archive of her work on her Instagram.

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