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A Glimpse Into the Future: Best Financial Forecasting Tools for Creatives

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Don't leave your finances to chance. Find the right financial forecasting app for your creative business now.

Words by 

Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon

Published on 

February 21, 2023

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Financial uncertainty is a ticking time bomb for businesses. Unless you have a full view of what goes in and out of your account, you're blind to your business's full potential.

Fortunately, there is a tool that accurately predicts your business' 'future cash' without needing to be a financial whiz—a financial forecasting tool. Financial forecasting tools convert what-ifs into facts. You integrate your business data, declare your goals, view future projections of your finances, and fill in the gaps right before it causes damage. No more struggling with surprise losses and missing opportunities that you could've taken yesterday.

Here are five of the best financial forecasting apps to keep you on top of your finances.


Made For: the future-focused freelancer

Made by freelancers—for freelancers. As a freelancer, you almost never know what's next. Schedules are all over the place, income rises and fluctuates, and stability seems out of reach—but not anymore. Cushion was built to take the stress out of freelancing by providing optimised financial insight with a birds-eye view of your schedule, potential income, and expenses. Better decisions, and no more overbooking!


Made For: the visual learner

Struggling with building financial models in Excel? Instead, build one in minutes on Causal! Trusted by hundreds of rapidly-growing teams, Causal takes away the hassle in financial modelling. With auto-managed driver-based projections, Casual projects your business' financial capabilities from one week to 10 years—even better, it shows you exactly how to get there.


Made For: the multitasker

Keep your business afloat with Float! Decision-making doesn't have to be as nerve-wracking as it is for you right now. With a real-time, visual forecast of your coming cash flow, even newbies can feel more confident about their next steps. With Float, you don't just enjoy a clear and precise view of how your finances are running, but the forecast is also automatically synced on your account. This way, you can always track what goes in and out of your business, and what's about to come!


Made For: the emerging entrepreneur

Thinking twice about making an investment? Let Pulse check. Small businesses are easily intimidated by huge investments—understandably. Without a financial forecasting aid, you're at a dead end on how this decision will affect your business. Pulse is a master in this aspect—scenario testing. On the app, you can toggle income and expenses on and off and see how certain decisions affect your operations. Additionally, you can add in your cash flow projections, including expected growth and expense curves. This gives you a clear view of when and how much you can spend in one sitting. The best part? Pulse is easy to set up and understand!


Made For: the strategic businessman

When it comes to flexibility, PlanGuru has 20 versatile forecasting methods that you can explore. It projects finances for up to 10 years and includes significant turn-key methods, custom business drivers, and non-financial data analysis. With PlanGuru's unlimited budget flexibility, forecasts can go as simple or as complex as you want and need. Furthermore, the app provides powerful insights into which methods work best for your business, helping you make even better decisions in the future!

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