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A radically better way to manage your visual bookmarks

Made for creatives

Being organized doesn't have to be complicated.

Or frustrating.

Visualist isn't just another bookmarking tool. It's a whole new approach to organization. Simple, effective, and intuitive.

A quick note from us...


Hands up if you have things saved (or duplicated!) on 5 platforms. Or if you've spent way too much time fixing screenshots, or manually copying and pasting pics from Pinterest to inDesign.

And even more time arranging, cropping, annotating, and resizing them.

How about that time you created dedicated folders for each category, but soon found the system* impossible to manage?

Your time is too precious to be spent aimlessly scrolling while try remembering where you last saved something, or worse - hitting ctrl+C/ctrl+V on repeat.

We are building Visualist to be your personal creative clearinghouse. Dare we say it. We're making visual organization delightful.

Visualist is in invite-only beta. Join us for an org detox.

*P.S. It's not you, it's the system.

One. Centralize your collections

Visualist unifies all the things you’ve loved, bookedmarked, and saved: Pinterest, Instagram, screenshots, and more.

Make better sense of your collections when you have everything together.

Two. Remember everything

Lighten your cognitive load. Can't find something? Just ask Visualist.

Don't waste time sifting through your archives, trying to remember where you saved something. Visualist's AI-powered search is quick, efficient, and accurate.

(For best UX, use desktop)

Three. Bye to forced taxonomy

Many of us collect inspiration for a rainy day. With Visualist, you never have to pause and think, "Where should this go?" Forced taxonomy isn't our thing. Don’t worry about being "messy". Just put things away. We've got it.

P.S. We're not saying bye to folders. We still love them and think they're great for project management!

Four. Be more productive

Cut out the mundane. Focus better. No more being overwhelmed by low-value, manual, and repetitive tasks.

Categorizing, tagging, (aimless) scrolling, copying, and pasting. 

Five. Stay in the flow

It's both your library and workspace. Visualist is made with creatives in mind.

Seamlessly transition from inspiration mode to creative mode within Visualist.

Create moodboards, presentations, and more. Work privately or collaboratively.